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Sebbs Laboratory
Academic ResearchAcademic Research
Since August 2021 (and January 2024) I am working as an academic researcher and developer for the Academy of Sciences and Literature Mainz and the University of Applied Sciences Mittelhessen uwu.

I am currently researching the use of applied text as graph (ATAG) and developing my own modeling language that makes use of its concepts and could be used in projects such as Regesta Imperii, The Socinian Correspondence, Liber epistolarum and The Correspondence of Antje Brons.
ADW MainzADW Mainz
UoAS MittelhessenUoAS Mittelhessen
Synergy of SerraSynergy of Serra
Starting October 2020 and until September 2023 I worked at Calystral Games GmbH as a game & full stack developer, contributing to and designing the game Synergy of Serra. I was responsible for people losing a bunch of mmr every season! (oh yeah) gawr

...and in fact I was responsible for a lot of other stuff too! nod
YouTube: SoS GameplayYouTube: SoS Gameplay
What else?What else?
In my spare time I am also working on some tools and projects - which also have been deployed from time to time. Some of them are going to be available on my GitHub profile. However, sometimes I just don't have time to maintain them anymore pikaFace.

Feel free to investigate and suggest any cool improvements :)!