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Look at me! This is me! omg!
Sebbs Laboratory
About my work
From October 2020 to September 2023 I worked at Calystral Games GmbH as a game & full stack developer, contributing to and designing the game Synergy of Serra. I was responsible for you losing your mmr every season! (oh yeah) gawr

...and in fact I was responsible for a lot of other stuff too! nod
Synergy of SerraSynergy of Serra
Calystral GamesCalystral Games
Starting August 2021 until September 2023 I worked as a web developer for the Academy of Sciences and Literature Mainz. There I finished my master thesis on data-oriented programming and brought old books to life with graphs smirk.
Socinian CorrespondenceSocinian Correspondence
Academy MainzAcademy Mainz
In my spare time I am a bit of a senior lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Gießen and bring my experience in user-centered development to everyone who is interested blush.

...or I build explosive tools to bring some fun to our Discord group - but mostly I don't have time to maintain them anymore pikaFace.
THM GießenTHM Gießen